Trustner is the first easily accessible ecosystem for secure Internet services.

Trustner offers services for messaging, storage, workflows and IoT - all whilst maintaining data protection compliance and flexibility. Trustner's public key infrastructure meets the highest standards of security and user-friendliness.






All types of communication are secure with Trustner: chatting, sharing in groups, video conferencing. Trustner is the data protection compliant alternative to e-mail and the usual messengers.


Trustner links internet of things - securely and easily for all users. Trustner is particularly suitable for integrating end users into the data exchange or control of devices.


The Trustner Box is a storage utility that works as you would expect but is secure. Data exchanged via other Trustner services can also be stored with ease. Third parties can operate their own storage services.


With the workflow management software, projects and processes can be designed more efficiently. The networking of internal and external contacts is made simple and safe with Trustner services.

for Professionals


Entirely encrypted



Secure Internet services for enterprises and organisations

An Accessible API for developers

Third parties can develop and operate their own services with Trustner. The costs for Internet services, which must be operated securely and in compliance with data protection regulations, decrease - Silo solutions are no longer necessary. The Trustner Store additionally offers compelling marketing Options.

Upon request, Trustner will prepare the data protection concepts required by the responsible entities for data protection and IT security.


A variety of Trustner services

A wide range of customized messaging services are currently operational in the healthcare and professional sectors.
Storage, workflow and IoT services are currently under development.


Simple and secure communication in groups. Only contacts with an invitation are granted access.

Consultation Room

For electronic exchange between doctor, patient and relatives in conformance with data protection regulations.

Team-Room Plus

The simplest way of sending confidential documents to customers, clients or colleagues.

Expert Room

A room for the confidential exchange of files. The initiator is definitely identified.


An electronic patient record integrated into Trustner

Your own service

Do you have special wishes? Trustner develops tailor-made communication solutions for you. Write to us.