Business Units

Trustner offers secure Internet services in three business sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Enterprise

Each business unit has an experienced contact person available, who is also responsible for supporting the Trustner partners.



Trustner supports the health management of health insurance companies, hospitals and consumers with various Internet services.

  • Messaging: In addition to consultation room services for doctor-patient communication, so-called expert rooms in which physicians communicate with each other are currently in use.
  • Storage: Medical data exchanged via messaging can be permanently stored by patients in a personal health record.
  • IoT: The transmission of data collected from medical devices in patients' homes, to clinics, Hospitals or to specialists is in preparation.
  • Workflows: The DMP and Managed Care software offers health insurance companies the option of electronic networking via a Trustner service.

Contact Person:

Christian Grupp

Professional Services

The "Professional Services" division caters to members of professions in which confidentiality is an important prerequisite for business operations. Attorneys, tax advisors and bankers today must ask their customers whether they can still send them e-mails.

Encrypted communication is becoming a standard in these professions. The basic European data protection regulation raises the pressure on all professional Internet users to use secure communication services when exchanging information with their customers, clients or mandates.

  • Messaging: Trustner's team room services allow professionals to exchange messages and files easily and securely.
  • Storage: Storage services are being developed, some of these services, for example, enable the permanent electronic storage of documents.

Contact Person:

Fabrizio Canestri


Large and small companies are finding it increasingly difficult when their staff uses services such as Whatsapp to communicate with one another and with customers. The lax data protection regulations pose problems, as do the functional limitations that usually apply to the standard services.

  • Messaging: With Trustner, companies can easily and cost-effectively develop their own messaging services. These include Data rooms, for example.
  • Storage: Trustner's distributed architecture enables different storage functions for different needs (e.g. regarding revision security).
  • IoT: Trustner is the ideal partner for the secure networking of all types of endpoints on the Internet. Even in this case, the services can be operated by companies themselves.
  • Workflows: Trustner services make workflow tools both more efficient and easier to network with internal and external contacts.

Contact Person:

Harald Sondhof


Communication & Solutions

With the "Trustner Medical Apps" application, Trustner provides a simple and a confidential communications platform for the exchange of sensitive data under German data protection law. A virtual consulting room and encrypted group communication also allow the secure exchange of documents. To securely and reliably identify and authenticate people for online services, Trustner GmbH offers Picama® Personal Ident product. The product is cleared by the responsible German regulatory authorities.