Thank you for downloading Trustner.

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Alternate downloads

Download File

Please click on "start download".

Which one is the right file to install?

Depending on your operating system you need to choose the right file for your device. Your browser will recommend the right file automatically.

Where should I safe the file?

Please safe the file in a directory which is easy to find.

Start Installation

Start the installation process by double clicking on the downloaded file.

Where is the installation file safed?

By default your browser safes all the files you download in the download directory of your computer. If you have not changed the settings of your browser, the file is found in the download folder.


If you have not created an account yet, please register a new account. Otherwise you can login with your credentials in the Trustner client.

How can I login?

Start the Trustner software on your computer and use the provided login screen.