What is Trustner?

Trustner is secure and at the same time easy-to-use communication service based in Germany.

It´s free for private users, but designed for professionals who need to keep confidentiality in their communications. Trustner allows chats, exchange in groups and the transfer of files - all end-to-end encrypted and as easy to use as its unencrypted peers.

With Trustner, professionals can meet the security and data protection requirements of their trade, like doctors in healthcare.

What is end-to-end-encryption?

End-to-end enryption is the gold standard in secure communication.

It means that only the sender and the receiver(s) of a message have a (private) key to decrypt the content. No one, not even when hackers or administrators get hold of it, can decipher the scrambled data.

Transport encryption with SSL, standard procedure for email, social networks and webpages. protects data only between the sender and the receiver(s). The data are stored in plaintext, to be read by hackers or administrators.

End-to-end  encryption requires a piece of software on your device (PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet). The software generates your private key and manages the exchange with others.

Trustner has both: Transport and end-to-end encryption.

Can I get detailled information on Trustner´s encryption?

Yes, the Trustner Security White Paper describes the encryption concept.

A version of the concept with all the details was evaluated by Prof. Alexander May from the Horst Görtz Institut at the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum. Independet experts looked at the implementation of the concept by the Trustner development team.

You can have a look at the sourcecode of the encryption components, too. Send an email explaining your interest to info (at) trustner.com.

Who is behind Trustner?

Trustner was founded by Harald Sondhof as a spin-off of careon GmbH.

careon GmbH is a leading German provider of electronic health records and health management software. More than 1,5 m patients are managed with careon software.

More on careon at www.careon.de.

How does Trustner work?

With Trustner you can safely communicate on desktop as well as mobile devices. All content is automatically end-to-end encrypted.

You can chat or start a group exchange. Chose among different types of rooms (so called services) and invite others with just an e-mail. User profiles can be room-specific, depending on the type of conversation. There are no advertisements.

Trustner is made for professionals who need to keep confidentiality when interacting with their clients, patients or colleagues - and for everyone who values privacy.

How is Trustner financed?

Trustner is free for private use, professional and commercial users have to pay a fee.


Can I use Trustner on several devices?

Yes, you can access your Trustner account from different devices.

For safety reasons, you have to confirm each new device that is linked to your account. A list of devices linked to your account is found under the settings.

Which platforms support Trustner?

Trustner supports all major operating systems: Windows (7.0 and higher) OSX (Yosemite and higher), iOS and Android.

Who needs Trustner?

Trustner is for professionals who need to keep confidentitality in their (electronic) communication. It offers professionals a convenient option for encrypted communication.

You can check current legal and regulatory rules on confidentiality in selected professions here: Trustner Check for Professionals

Is Trustner NSA-safe?

No. There is no protection against state agencies such as the NSA in the USA or the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). The state can always target individuals to get access to confidential information 

The encryption used by Trustner is not likely to be broken. However, through attacks on a specific computer the user password might be obtained, making encryption itself obsolete. Also, Trustner’s infrastructure may be manipulated. 

Without court order such attacks are illegal in Germany. They will be prosecuted when noticed.

How to protect my PC, smartphone or tablet?

You should only access Trustner on a device (PC, smartphone, tablet) that you can trust.

Always use the most up-to-date version of the operating system and install an anti-virus program.

Important: Only download Trustner directly from the Trustner website (www.trustner.com). Or go the the App and Play Stores from Apple and Google for the download on you mobile devices.


Can Trustner run in a corporate network?

Yes. Trustner can be installed in a corporate network.

The pilot installation is a Citrix environment of a large university hospital. Please contact us for more information (info [at] trustner.com).


What are Trustner Services?

Trustner Services are several distinct chat rooms, developed and maintained by Trustner.

Users are able to activate Services that are developed with Trustner´s SDK through the desktop application. Active Services can then be used on Desktop as well as mobile devices.

There are Services that have been developed specifically for certain professional groups (e.g. doctors), and there are others that are for common use. Service-Selection is constantly being expanded by Trustner and its partners. 

What does Trustner cost?

The download of Trustner and the use of basic chat and group communication functionality is free.

For Trustner Services with additional functionality (e.g., storage) there is a subscription fee.


How do I pay for a Trustner Service?

Currently, there is nothing you have to pay for individually.

Later, when you choose a Service with a fee, you will receive an e-mail with an invoice that is to be paid within two weeks. You can start using the Service immediately. 

Is Trustner tax deductible?

Yes, when Trustner is used for work (at least in Germany)


Are all Services operated by Trustner?


Trustner is a platform that also supports Services from third-party developers.  

However, before a third-party Service can be offered in Trustner, Trustner checks compliance with the technical and user-interface guidelines.

Information about the developer of Service is found in the Trustner Service-Window.

Can I delete my data in Trustner?


You can delete individual posts and also leave any rooms that you have established or accepted an invitation to at any time. When you leave a room, all of your posts and comments will be deleted.

The contacts who remain in a room can no longer see your comments and posts. 

How do I delete my Trustner account?

You can delete your entire Trustner account along with all your Services at any time.

The delete option can be found in the settings under "Personal Profile".

How does Trustner prevent abuse of privacy?

Trustner is not designed for anonymous communication. Trustner is for electronic exchange with and among professionals in healthcare, the legal sector, in banking, and elsewhere where confidentiality matters.

Some Trustner Services require personal authentication before they can be activated.

Each room in Trustner that can be used without authentication has a report button. Every room member can report any suspicious room content to Trustner.

In this case the content of a post will be decrypted using the key of the user who reported the post. The decryption will be announced to the other members by marking the post with a red key symbol.