The Idea for Trustner originated in the Healthcare

Communication in healthcare is inefficient and inflexible. A consultation at the doctor’s office and telephone communication are still the only options. In Germany, unencrypted e-mail is not allowed in doctor-patient communication. In the US, it is, but e-mail in general is not the best answer when several people have to be kept up to date on, let´s say, the daily progress of a patient. Public social networks are completely useless for private or professional exchange.

There are very few options for those who want to keep real control over their electronic communication. Good encryption tools do exist but they are not convenient outside administered environments like a hospital. There are no “social” applications with automated encryption.

Trustner’s objective is to make Internet communication confidential again – without sacrificing ease of use or functionality.

Trustner offers automated end-to-end encryption for all users of its applications. It employs state-of-the-art open source components. No knowledge of cryptography is required. Just as no one needs to know how a diesel engine works to drive a car. Trustner basically functions like a social network.

The founder of Trustner comes from an eHealth Specialist.

The founder of Trustner previously set up careon, a German software company specializing in healthcare solutions.

Since 2001 careon has managed personal healthcare information on the Internet. careon solutions currently support the health management of more than one million chronically ill patients.  

The privacy experience of careon in dealing with medical data was a major asset when setting up Trustner as an independent company.

careon customers include insurance companies (including the largest German state health insurer), medical providers as well as organizations with activities in the health sector (including Munich Re AG).

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