Picama Managed Care

Picama Managed Care for individual care concepts

Picama Managed Care offers a platform for health and patient coaching, case management and other care programs as well as health monitoring and consultation. Our software focuses on health, pension and liability insurances as well as individual care concepts on basis of a flexible and ever-growing IT-solution.


Managed Care assists the work of coaches with the numerous functions of a modern, medical CRM:

  • Comfortable workflows
  • Configurable interview guides with incorporated response fields and structured values
  • CTI connection enabling calls via mouse click
  • Well-arranged display of telemetry data
  • Alarms / Notifications for coaches in case of divergencies in telemtry data
  • Easy medicine acquisition thanks to our integrated medicine database
  • Utilization of eight risk checks on acquired medicines: side effects, pharmacological interactions, double therapy, responsiveness, contraindications, nutriments, age and allergies.
  • Recording of diagnoses, measurements, lifestyle information