Trustner features a communication solution to support patient treatment. Professional treatment with high communication effort can be realized beyond the clinic border. The transfer of medical data between the clinic and their patients is enabled by using our end to end encrypted communication platform.

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Picama® DMP

Our Picama® DMP software assists leading insurance companies in their Disease-Management-Programs (DMP) while following the guideline of the German risk adjustment regulation (RSAV). Picama® DMP features all functionalities and workflow elements that are needed to introduce and operate DMP in an insurance environment.

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Picama® Managed Care

Picama® Managed Care is a platform for health- and patient coaching, case management and additional supply programs as well as health monitoring and consulting. Managed Care assists health-, pension and liability insurances while also offering solutions for service providers, empowering them to include their own healthcare concepts in our ever-growing IT-solution.

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Electronic Health Record

Several health insurance companies use our electronic medical record to provide a documentation solution for their memebers by aidding them in monitoring their health status. Features include a documentation of addresses, appointments, illnesses, taken medication and much more.

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