Trustner Team Room

Professional and secure communication in groups

With the Team Room Plus service, you can set up rooms for sharing groups. It also facilitates the exchange and storage of files (up to 1 GB). Each group member has the ability to invite more of their contacts.

Secure and flexible use

Strong end-to-end encryption of all exchanged content.

Authentication of medical personnel by securely provided one-time codes.

Protected access via personal and device-specific login.

Easy installation of Trustner also within administrative environments (e.g. Citrix).

Operation in your own data centre, further Internet services and your own branding upon request.

The Team Room as a centre point

With the Teamroom Plus Plus, projects and processes in companies can be designed efficiently. You can arrange meetings, share documents securely and conveniently with your colleagues. Trustner Supports all conventional Office packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Co.

Attractive features and simple usage

Runs on PCs in the clinic and is available for download in the App Stores.

As easy to use as E-mail and WhatsApp.

A clear overview of all participating contacts for all users.

Invitation of patients can take place only through Medical/Healthcare personnel.

Guarantee of patient privacy via access control.